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The following is taken straight out of the case files. Paranormal Endeavors keeps evidence and files on every case we come across and they are given a number that will stick with it forever. Due to respect of privacy, some names or details may be changed in certain cases, one thing for certain though is that anything released from the case files is 100% unchanged in terms of evidence. The evidence is as good as raw form, 100% real. Dig in and see what leaves you asking questions and if you think you have explainations, feel free to share them, in chat, on our facebook, or email. We have been in the field long enough to notice some trends and have pieced together profiles for our cases and look for signs or symptoms that may be familiar to other cases in hopes to better identify what may be going on.
CASE #001, Location in the state of Indiana Date :June of 2010
E.V.P. Electronic Voice Phenomenon - Possible Spirit Voices. This location presented us with mostly voices. The pictures and footage from interceptor came back clean. Here are some examples from the case files of our findings. - And on the Spiritual side we picked up on 3 main spirits, the mother of the grandfather living on the property, an aunt, and a possible great grand father, all within the family. There were a few more evps but released below are the better of the findings.

Overall feel- peaceful, non-threatening                              Activity Ranking: Low
Case #002, Location in the State of North Carolina, Date: August 2010
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Case # 003, Location old "Barney", Iowa, Date: August 2010
Case # 004, Location in Boone, Iowa, Date: November 2010
Endeavors Case Ranking Scale: Our team currently uses this scale to sum up our investigations. It has 5 levels of ranking based on a majority of our evidence found during the review process and a minority on the spiritual side of the investigation, what our spirit sensitives discovered. The combination of these helps determine the final ranking of the particular case. Rankings are based on time of investigation, None, Low, Moderate, Heavy, and Severe activities.
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This case was an interesting one for us. We teamed up with a local group and entered an environment that was semi-aggressive. The house sat abandoned, but still had some items in it from previous owners as if they left in a hurry. Again, the evidence posted here will be some of the better but by no means includes all of it. We had EVPs, heard possible voices out loud, objects moved, and the overall feeling was suppressive.
Overall feel- aggressive energy, threatening                       Activity Level: Heavy
Case # 005, Location in Ankeny, Iowa, Date: March 2011
Case # 006, Location in Woodward, Iowa, Date: April 2011
This location was a bar on the main street of town. The owner reported apparations, strange smells, shadow people, and footsteps. We investigated and did detect some strange energies. Mostly toward the back of the building, near the basement stairway. We did encounter some strange sounds, smells, and possibly saw shadow figures.

Overall Feeling: non-threatening                                        Activity Ranking: Low
Case # 007, Location in Mitchellville, Iowa, Date: September 2011
This location had several historical encounters with fire opening to the possibility of visitation from fire elemental. Elemental hauntings are a different class on their own. We had encountered voices, some out loud, the presence of a woman was strong.

Overall Feeling: non-threatening                                      Activity Ranking: Low
Case # 008, Location in State of Indiana, Date: July 2011
This is the return visit and investigation at the same location as case #001. We find it gives a bigger picture investigating the same location multiple times. The clients wanted us back since some activity had increased and validation that it was the same results as the last time. We did encounter a loving energy presence, seen some shadow figures, and strange noises.

Overall Feeling: non-threatening                                      Activity Ranking: Moderate
Case # 009, Location in New Virginia, Iowa, Date: October 2011
Case # 010, Location in Beaver, Iowa, Date: October 2011

Case# 011, Location in Iowa City, Iowa, Date: November 2011

Case # 012, Location in Charles City, Iowa, Date: December 2011
Odd streak of light caught on full spectrum                     ---->
Case #013, Location in Mitchellville, Iowa, Date: January 2012
Case #014, Location in Sioux City, Iowa, Date: March 2012
Case #015, Location in Madrid, Iowa, Date: August 2012
Case #016, Location in Davenport, Iowa, Date: September 2012
Case #017, Location in Des Moines, Iowa, Date: October 2012
Case #018, Location in Scotch Grove, Iowa, Date: October 2012
The old ghost town of Barney had us slightly conflicted with our haunting profile. The initial indicators of true orbs being seen, frightening the girlfriend, and overall male dominance gave us a profile of an abusive, protective Alpha male spirit. We visited this location multiple times (a couple were not taped for our documentary) and it gained more of a sinister activity. Several investigators left the location feeling ill, some actually vomitted and had to leave early (production), Eric, too, felt a presence leave with him for a week, and once he went back to Barney, the presence "detached" and stayed. We encountered ominous activity and forces pounding on floors making them rattle. We upgraded our haunting profile to a possible shape shifter/ demonic creature.
Overall feel: Negative energy, threatening           Activity Ranking: Heavy
Left: Possible Creature's red face in window (Photo Credit Annette Sisson)
Right: Possible Orb caught by Spirit Interceptor 1, we were visually seeing these too!
This location seemed to be a few steps down from the past 2 cases. The haunting profile we established was a classic male, human, haunting. The reports of a man's voice, small objects moving, noises, shadow people helped support this, along with our encounters of motion lights being triggered, seeing a shadow person during investigation, and catching several intelligent EVPs.
     Overall Feeling: non-threatening, calm               Activity Ranking: Low
This location was an apartment and apartments are difficult in their own aspect due to possible human contamination above, below, and side to side along with doors slamming in the hallway. This case had reports of unpleasant feelings, possible sightings of anamolies, and sounds. We captured a light rod in our photos and a few evps.

Overall Feeling: non-threatening                              Activity Ranking: Low
                                                                                      Possible Light Rod---->
Case #19, Location in Altoona, Iowa, Date: February 2013
Case #20, Location in Farrar, Iowa, Date: April 2013
Case #21, Location in Scotch Grove, Iowa, Date: May 2013
Case #22, Location in Coralville, Iowa, Date: July 2013
Screen shots of a strange misty fog manifestation took place and lasted for nearly 2 minutes out of 7 hours of footage.