Frequently Asked Questions
This page has some commonly asked questions. Take a look and if your question is not here or you need clarity, visit the contact us page and send us a message.

1. Question:Do you ever get scared?
  Answer: Most of us on the team have moments that initially startle, some more than others. Time and experience helps out and each individual can figure out how to handle certain situations. Overall, the team has a policy of not screaming, yelling, frantically running away from a situation.

2. Question: How long do you usually investigate a case?
  Answer: It is a case by case basis. We average 5-7 hours at a location. It depends on activity level, size of the location, if the spiritual and scientific methods are being completed. Here is an example for an average sized, 2 story house: Arrival and tour of the location 45 minutes, setup 45 minutes, investigation Scientific 1 hour X 2 at least, spiritual 60-90 minutes, take down to departure, 45 minutes, including a few 10-15 minute breaks.

3. Question: Can I tag along with you sometime?

  Answer: Simply put, most likely not, unless it is already a public event. For our private and Endeavors' Sanctioned cases it is team only for several reasons. Some reasons vary from human contamination, to professionalism, to safety.

4. Question: How often to you investigate?
  Answer: We average one case a month, unless determined to be an emergency case. Our busy season is August, September, November, into early December where we may do 2 a month. We like to establish a case with a 2-3 week advanced notice.

5. Question: When will we know what you found at our place?
  Answer: We have maintained a 30-45 day evidence review time. In the past, over the holidays, we expanded out to 3 months, but we are really trying to keep the review time to under 60 days, but will maintain contact and provide updates along the way.

6. Question: Do you provoke?
  Answer: Provocation is not used by us by default. If the client specifically asks us to, we check with all of our team first to gather thoughts on it, again case by case, so our team is trained on provocation and consequences, however rarely use this method.

7. Question: Do you cleanse or bless locations?
  Answer: At the client's request, yes. We can use prayers and blessings, or more of a native american smudging technique. We never guarantee that the activity will completely stop, but in our experience it has helped both short and long term.

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