The Scientific
Paranormal Endeavors also provides a scientific research approach to clients who desire it over the spiritual, or a mixture of both. Even with the spiritual side, most spirit sensitives/mediums/psychics will tell you that they still crave that confirmation or validation. Those of us that have gifts can still question if what we get is real. This is where the scientific will come in and help reinforce what we are getting. Science currently doesn't have all the answers. This page provides a look into some of the instruments and tools of the scientific methods we currently use.
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D.V.R. System (Digital Video Recording) - This system has become a standard in the paranormal community. We currently use a 8-Channel system with quality wired cameras that launch I.R. (Infrared) light up to 40 feet, further with the assistance of a I.R. box set. I.R. is invisible light to the human eye, basically it is night vision. There has been some dicussion if spirits show themselves more in I.R. or Ultra Violet light. Further below you will see an example of a full spectrum camera that we use. With the I.R. cameras, we place DVRs (Digital Voice Recorders) to pick up audio and potentially some E.V.P.s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) or voices that can have intelligence believed to be from spirit world.
The Full Spectrum Camera- This tool is used to cover each end of the light spectrum, including visible light. The ones we use require an I.R. adaptor, U.V. adaptor, or a specialized adaptor that emits full spectrum illumination. Some interesting things have came up in U.V. light before and full spectrum will show if spirit is hiding in another light range.
I.R. light to the left, Full spectrum on the right. The documentary is shot mainly in I.R. when it's lights out. The image on the right has what appears to be a streak of light in it, almost looks like what we term a light rod.
Spirit Interceptor Family- The idea, created by Eric, was that he wanted to combine the standard, stationary DVR camera with the moble human investigator, but knocking both out of the equation. Thus, Spirit Interceptor 1 was born! S.I.1 was originally the smaller vehicle of the 2. It was fit with 2 wireless I.R. cameras, a voice recorder, and sometimes an EMF meter or motion camera was attached to it. The wireless cameras reported to a receiver hooked to a monitor in another room or location. Via remote control, we could drive the vehicle around. S.I.1 was limited, it didn't do rough floors that well and would get stuck. S.I.2 was created, a much bigger vehicle. The first one was taken out of service but then re-entered service in Summer of 2011 with new markings. It was now Spirit Interceptor 2. In November of 2011, Spirit Interceptor Airborne 1 was launched. It proved to be worthy, a possible E.V.P. (Get out!) was caught 60 yards up. The interceptors are deemed as investigators.
E.M.F.- Electromagnetic Field - A majority of teams around the world include this hardware in their methods. It is an EMF detector. As the study shows, higher levels of EMF tend to correlate with potentially higher paranormal activity. Since spirits lack their physical bodies, energy is still energy and when they do manifest, they tend to trigger EMF detectors as it is believed random or EMF that doesn't come from a logical source may be classified as paranormal. Earth has a natural field present and some theories on why night time is a prime investigation time for researchers has to do with this. The rays from the sun can alter the fields, sometimes making it more difficult for spirit to manifest. (as the moon, full/harvest/super, seem to cause very active evenings) However, activity can still happen in the day or night times. Thunderstorms also tend to aid in manifestation as the air is more charged.
PODS - These devices are a very convenient tool that has multiple instruments stored in the POD for easy deployment and retreat. The standard POD contains EMF tools, motion sensors, SONAR, and a bell on davit. Of course the items can be mixed and matched but ideally all able to still fit in the POD. Typical POD deployment takes 30 seconds to a minute and retreat can take only 15 seconds for a skilled researcher. As reinforcement, these are deployed in an area that has a DVR camera or some sort of tool that monitors the POD to help reviewers determine if the bell rang due to air motion in the room because someone walked by or any other false causes.