Angels- Eric is a strong believer in angels and includes them in the spiritual army of items. Angels are a very powerful, positive energy source, genderless, and they know good, never have walked this earth in their pure form, however, living and non-living items can be used by Angels to give messages across. An example would be when a man or woman whom you have never met, came up to you on a stressful day and somehow knew what you were struggling with and this individual says just one thing, the right thing, the thing that suddenly fills your day with sunshine, and then that individual vanishes from your life... these can be messengers for angelic forces. There can be different types of angels, doing specialized duties. From the Archangels to the Dominions to the Thrones and others, angels are one significant tool for the team..
Researching the Spiritual and using Spiritual Methods
The spiritual side of research tends to be trailing behind mainstream research. In a field that has so much uncertainty, one thing should be certain and that is diversity, unity, and variety of research tools. The most over looked tool in this field of research is yourself! Humans (and other animals) are almost more likely to detect something paranormal manifesting than a piece of man-made equipment. If you have ever entered a room and the hair on your arms, back, or neck stand on end; this has been commonly reported in the paranormal field. If you get a sudden feeling of being watched, or see movement out of the corner of your eye, these also have been common traits in this field. Now, Paranormal Endeavors has the option of researching using different spiritual methods at the client's request. From the "Human Dowsing Rod" (Eric) to channeling to site premonitions (Sara), Endeavors uses these unique tools but also is aided by some physical tools as well during the spiritual research. This page goes over some of those items used as well as the different spiritual methods the investigators also use.
Stones and crystals- regardless of your faith, the earth is full of different energies, some good and some bad. The sun is an example of good energy. It is a fueling source for Earth, plants grow, it can lift moods, and aid in meditation. Stones and crystals also aid in meditation and can have positive (sometimes protective) energies. Amethyst is an example of a healing energy. It can aid in creative thinking and calming. Locations with a lot of this tend to have a peaceful energy. Another example is hemimorphite, a centering stone that lifts emotions and provides strength to confidence. There are many many types out there. If you were to start using stones, there are many resources online and in your local metaphysical store that can help you determine which ones you should use. Have fun with them and if used with respect, you might just notice changes!

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Sage and Candles- Endeavors uses the old tradition of smudging as well. This was practiced by native american peoples. Reiki candles are also a good tool for not just clearing an area of negative energy, but meditation, clear thinking, stress reducer, and for health/well being. We handle both with respect. The sage should be used in a 100% natural bowl or item when burned. Sea shells work great, copper or natural earth metals can work too. A feather is commonly used to smudge with, and the sage itself is wrapped in a natural string such as cotton with a particular color used around it. There are different types of sage used such as sweetgrass, juniper, cedar, dragon's blood, ect.
Religious items- The most commonly recognized symbol of Christianity is the cross, the crucifix. As a reminder, Paranormal Endeavors, the methods we use don't represent each and every team member's individual beliefs. Our team may be made of Pagans, Jews, Christians, "undecideds," Buddists...ect. Regardless of where we stand individually, paranormal events and hauntings are happening to anyone and everyone across all belief systems. We (with client's consent) determine what method to use for a cleaning, highly determined by what the client's beliefs are. With this said, we have rosaries, crosses, angels, holy water, prayers, and more. On most cases we have some of these items with us at all times, but it is our hopes that we don't need to use the full force of these items. Fortunately most cases do not pose any danger or threat.
The "Human Dowsing Rod" and channeling- Another tool that we can use if needed is the channeling of spirit. Sometimes a spirit may not be able to communicate using our scientific tools. We step in and allow them to use some aspect of our bodies to communicate. The most common is our voice. We grant permission for the spirit to use our voice to communicate. You may notice the change when this happens. The habits, mood, the way the researcher communicates changes, that is because it isn't the person physically there, it is the spirit communicating. NEVER channel alone, this can be a dangerous thing to do. Also for those who play with ouija boards, keep in mind that what you are doing has the ability to bring something or someone through, as in Matthew 7:7 - "Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek and ye shall find..." The human dowsing rod is done by Eric, and it seems to draw out spirits. Eric may get visions and flashes during this time, but the main thing is that the energies in the room draw his hands toward them. The spiritual side is aided by all researchers when we do it, but the main presenters are the spirit mediums/sensitives in the group.
There are some other tools we use on the spiritual side, this has been a look into some of them.